It’s the last month to apply for the INEFC – Lérida’s Master Program in International Law of Sports in a partnership with the Sindicato de Atletas SP (São Paulo’s Athletes Union)

The Sindicato de Atletas SP, besides taking care of people, has as a value to offer knowledge to the spots’ community

Brazil, August, 2020 – Thinking in that value, in a partnership with the Universidad de Lleida – INEFC (Catalonia National Institute of Physical Education), the Sindicato de Atletas SP promotes the Master Program in International Law of Sports.

This partnership was firmed in January 2020, with the presence of Jordi Sola, the university dean, and Vicente Javaloyes, the director of the Master Program. From the Sindicato de Atletas SP were present it’s President, Rinaldo José Martorelli, and the it’s legal coordinator, Guilherme Tavares Martorelli.

Once having the master’s degree, the person will be able to apply for the INEFC’s Doctor Program.

The Master Program in International Law of Sports is not just for the soccer’s community, it’s for everyone who has the interest to learn about Sports in general, from the fundamental concepts to the practical situations of Sports’ Law, how it is applied in the sports’ world and in the International Federations. The fact that each program’s module will be in a different country will be important to the experiences exchange.

“As a holder of a INEFC’s master degree in law of sports, I am proud to coordinate the Brazilian module and be able to bring this program’s module to our country, which is one of the most important to the International Sports’ Law. I am excited to bring a piece of this knowledge for us to be able to develop even more the legal understanding inside the sports”, said Guilherme Martorelli.

The master’s program lasts for 2 years and will be composed of presential modules, online matters and activities between the modules.

This master’s program differential is the fact that each module will be realized in a different country, these countries are Mexico, Panamá, Ecuador, Brazil, Portugal and Spain. The faculty is formed by relevant professionals in the area, international professors, arbitrators from TAS/CAS, legal experts from International Confederation (FIFA/UEFA), Federations, European and South American Leagues.

“A program with the higher level professors in the Sports’ Law and professionals with large experience in the area looking for new knowledge, it’s the perfect formula to the students that always want to improve and evolve their expertise and networking.”, said Guilherme Martorelli.

For more information about dates, values and how to apply, the interested parties shall contact the Sindicato de Atletas de SP or by this email: .