Work, home, traffic, motherhood….. it’s only a shortlist of the majority of us, ladies. I’m a not different. I wake up early, go work, spend hours in heavy traffic, get home… it’s a meal that need to be prepared, clothes waiting to be washed, a son waiting to review his homework, husband waiting for a free time and a good conversation. Holidays do not exist even when it’s holidays period.

But there is an interesting fact….


more we know our children, feels like that we don’t know at all.

Other day I was studying ELA (English language and arts) with my ten years boy, and as a foreigner mum, obviously, he has a longer vocabulary than mine and can far do his homework better without my help than with my help. I was there, sat, pretending that I was a little super genius in the 4th grade to give him some support and he wasn’t confused at all, but deeply inside he know that my mask was fake.

Suddenly, he turned to my side and said how proud he was to have a journalist mother and would like to have a go.

I made a massive effort trying to divert the subject and started to ask how he was feeling….. how he was feeling about living in a different country… how he was feeling about starting a new school…. how he was feeling about have so little of mum, considering that I work long hours….

To my shock, his prompt reply was genial, far more mature than I was expecting from a ten years old boy.


“Mama, I will write an article giving you all those answers. If you think it is good, please make an effort to publish” – he completed.


I loved the result. It is a good start and some how, created an extra bond between us.

The master piece is below, short but sweet.

Hope you all enjoy too.


With love, mama Paula Tooths.



We Have Feelings Too!

So We All Have Feelings, And This Is how any kid would feel when they have stuff.
They’ve always felt happy, like I would, honestly, it’s just depending on the situation that’s going on right now, maybe they can be sad, happy, angered, just natural, we all have “Feelings” as you grow up, as you reach “milestones”.


Let’s start with something that makes all of us happy, birthdays! You get stuff, and it feels pretty good!
Then we have Christmas, the same thing applies here, let’s say you get something you REALLY want, like a console, a dvd, a figure, a plush toy, that’s why we end up calling it Christmas morning.



So imagine, it’s October, everyone’s being spooky, going out trick or treating!
And you’re invited to that one halloween convention.
You see zombies, vampires, you hear screaming, you remain fearful, though it is well known that said things are just put up for display, and that it’s not actually real

If I can continue this…. it will be long…. you might have to finish it but this is my part….